I have a long-standing interest in maps, and in particular of 19th century maps of Montreal (where I grew up, and where my twin brother has an architectural practice much involved in urban social planning), Toronto, and eastern Ontario (where the Rayside family has deep roots). I have links here to a few of these maps. I also have an intense interest in architecture, both historical and contemporary. I am eclectic in my tastes, including medieval church design, elaborate Flemish baroque, Victorian eclecticism, art nouveau, art deco, and sleek modernism. My architectural enthusiasms have focused a good deal of attention on the main building of University College, in the heart of the University of Toronto campus. My splendid office of long standing (until my 2013 retirement) was located there, and I still get to share an office there. Since 2007, I have given talks on the history of the College, and the Toronto urban context of the 1850s in which it was built. Along the way, I have accumulated a selection of digital images of original architectural drawings, by Frederick Cumberland and William Storm, now in the possession of the College. They came from the Archives of Ontario and the University of Toronto Archives. I provide links here to a few of them.