Religion and Canadian Party Politics

This volume, written with Paul Thomas and Gerald Sabin, takes a close look at how much influence faith continues to have in federal, provincial, and territorial politics. Case studies from across the country draw on historical material and contemporary accounts, alongside interviews with close observers... Read more


Conservatism in Canada

This book is a collection of original essays by many of the most respected experts in the field, who explore the ideological character of contemporary Canadian conservatism, its support in the electorate, its impact on public policies, and its articulation in both federal and provincial... Read more


Faith, Politics, and Sexual Diversity in Canada and the United States

Is a large set of original essays edited with Clyde Wilcox (Georgetown University). It draws contributions from sociologists, political scientists, religious studies scholars, and public opinion experts to explore a wide range of issues at the intersection of religion and politics, using the struggles over... Read more


Queer Inclusions

Provides an overview of political and legal change in Canada and the United States on three issue fronts: the recognition of same-sex relationships (including marriage); the acquisition of parenting rights and obligations by lesbian and gay couples; and the development of inclusive school policies and... Read more


Equity, Diversity, and Canadian Labour

Is a collection of original essays, co-edited with Gerald Hunt. Its chapters cover union response to equity concerns related to gender, race, sexual orientation, gender identity, and disability. Canadian unions have a good record in broader comparative terms in taking such issues up, but public... Read more


On the Fringe

Explores the standing of lesbians and gays, and of the issues they were championing, in the mainstream politics of Britain, Canada, and the United States during the early-to-mid-1990s. It uses two sets of case studies for this analysis. The first is the complex and sometimes-conflicting... Read more


Small Town

Provides a close look, almost anthropological, at the eastern Ontario community of Alexandria, located half-way between Montreal and Ottawa. It looks in particular at the play of social class, language, and gender differences in the political arena, the workplace, and schooling. As with so many... Read more