Equity, Diversity, and Canadian Labour
Publisher University of Toronto Press

Equity, Diversity, and Canadian Labour

Is a collection of original essays, co-edited with Gerald Hunt. Its chapters cover union response to equity concerns related to gender, race, sexual orientation, gender identity, and disability. Canadian unions have a good record in broader comparative terms in taking such issues up, but public sector and white collar are more often in the lead. There has also been more thorough (if imperfect) take up on gender and sexual diversity than on other fronts. I have a concluding comparative chapter in this volume, and co-authored (with Fraser Valentine) a chapter on disability.


  1. Introduction. Gerald Hunt
  2. Looking Back: A Brief History of Everything. Julie White
  3. Bargaining against the Past: Fair Pay, Union Practice, and the Gender Pay Gap. Anne Forrest
  4. Union Response to Pay Equity: A Cautionary Tale. Judy Haiven
  5. Labour’s Collective Bargaining Record on Women’s and Family Issues. Karen Bentham
  6. We Are Family: Labour Responds to Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Rights. Gerald Hunt and Jonathan Eaton
  7. Broadening the Labour Movement’s Disability Agenda. David Rayside and Fraser Valentine
  8. Racism and the Labour Movement. Tania Das Gupta
  9. Equity, Diversity, and Canadian Labour: A Comparative Perspective. David Rayside

Afterward Linda Briskin