Faith, Politics, and Sexual Diversity in Canada and the United States
Publisher UBC Press

Faith, Politics, and Sexual Diversity in Canada and the United States

Is a large set of original essays edited with Clyde Wilcox (Georgetown University). It draws contributions from sociologists, political scientists, religious studies scholars, and public opinion experts to explore a wide range of issues at the intersection of religion and politics, using the struggles over sexual diversity as its primary lens. It includes an introduction co-authored with Wilcox setting the context for the comparison of these two countries, and a chapter by me on the relationship between the Conservative Party of Canada and religious traditionalists. My conclusion to the volume points to similarities between Canada and the U.S., including a set of unresolved dilemmas created by the sometimes-competing claims of advocates for rights based on faith and sexual diversity.


  • 1. The Difference that a Border Makes: The Political Intersection of Sexuality and Religion in Canada and the United States.
    David Rayside and Clyde Wilcox

Public Opinion

  • 2. Culture War? A Closer Look at the Role of Religion, Denomination, and Religiosity in US Public Opinion on Multiple Sexualities.
    Shauna L. Shames, Didi Kuo, and Katherine Levine
  • 3. A Twenty-Year Survey of Canadian Attitudes towards Homosexuality and Gay Rights. Amy Langstaff


  • 4. “Civility without Compromise”: A Comparative Analysis of Evangelical Attitudes towards Same-Sex Issues in Comparative Context. Samuel Reimer
  • 5. The Pro-Family Movement in Canada and the United States: Institutional Histories and Barriers to Diffusion.
    Tina Fetner and Carrie B. Sanders
  • 6. Evangelicals, the Christian Right, and Gay/Lesbian rights in the United State: Simple and Complex St ories. Clyde Wilcox and Rentaro Iida
  • 7. Liberal, with Conservation “Vibrations”: African-American Protestants and the Struggle over Legal Rights for Gay and Lesbian Couples. Robert P. Jones and Daniel Cox
  • 8. Canadian Evangelicals and Same-Sex Marriage. Jonathan Malloy

Mainline Protestants

  • 9. It’s All about Sex: The Roots of Opposition to Gay and Lesbian Marriages in Some Canadian Churches. Pamela Dickey Young
  • 10. Focusing, Framing, and Discerning: The United Church of Canada and the Same-Sex Marriage Debate. Roger Hutchinson
  • 11. American Mainline Protestantism and Deliberation about Homosexuality. Laura Olson, Paul A. Djupe, and Wendy Cadge

Roman Catholicism

  • 12. Catholicism, Homosexuality, and Same-Sex Marriage in the United States. Ted G. Jelen
  • 13. Roman Catholics and Same-Sex Marriage in Quebec Solange. Lefebvre and Jean-François Breton

Non-Christian Responses

  • 14. Paths from Emancipation: American Jews and Same-Sex Marriage. Kenneth D. Wald
  • 15. Muslims and Sexual Diversity in North America. Momin Rahman and Amir Hussain

Political Parties

  • 16. The Conservative Party of Canada and Its Religious Constituencies. David Rayside
  • 17. The Politics of Marriage and American Party Politics: Evidence from the 2004 US Election. John C. Green

Rights Claiming

  • 18. The Supreme Court of Canada’s Attempt to Reconcile Freedom of Religion and Sexual Orientation Equality in the Public Schools Richard Moon

  • 19. Law, Sexuality, and Morality in the United States. Jason Pierceson


  • 20. Cross-Border Parallels and Unresolved Issues at the Political Intersection of Sexuality and Religion. David Rayside


  • A Canadian Legal and Institutional Context
  • B US Legal and Institutional Context