Queer Inclusions
Publisher University of Toronto Press

Queer Inclusions

Provides an overview of political and legal change in Canada and the United States on three issue fronts: the recognition of same-sex relationships (including marriage); the acquisition of parenting rights and obligations by lesbian and gay couples; and the development of inclusive school policies and practices. In the first two areas it chronicles a policy “take-off” in Canada and a slow but steady of expansion of rights in the U.S. On schools, it finds disturbingly slow change in Canada, perhaps even less than the modest change in American education.


  1. Publicly Recognizing Queer Families
  2. Activist Contexts
  3. Broadening Activist Agendas
  4. Canadian Recognition of Same-Sex Relationships
  5. American Recognition of Same-Sex Relationships
  6. Parenting in Canada
  7. Parenting in the United States
  8. Canadian School Lethargy
  9. School Reform and the American Culture Wars
  10. Comparative Reflections on Public Recognition of Sexual Diversity