Muslim Response to Sexual Diversity in Canada and the United States

A trio of chapters written by me will appear in a book on Muslims and Sexual Diversity edited by Momin Rahman, probably appearing in 2023.

The Lancaster Project

This is a social history enterprise focussed on an old village in Eastern Ontario to which I have long-standing family ties. The illustrated essays produced in this work will at some point be posted on line with free and open access. The first of the essays, now completed, chronicles the life of Edith Rayside, a great aunt raised in this village who went on to a distinguished career at a formative stage in Canadian nursing. (An abbreviated version of this story has been published by the Dictionary of Canadian Biography.) Other essays will focus on the early history of white settlement in this area, and on the 230-year story of the oldest building in the village of South Lancaster, first operated as a general store and family dwelling. This chronicle will detail not only details of its structure and changes made to it over time, but the three families that inhabited it from its beginnings, my own family occupying it since 1920).